Sleep Is No Comfort: Essays interlaces a bold, visceral, and unrelenting voice from author Kevin Minh Allen, throughout a discourse on the interchange of adoption, family, the Vietnam War, and the often too many times unsought aftermath of those that were born from it. With a keen eye focused on the subtleties and complexities of the Vietnamese adoptee voice and experience, a part of the overall Vietnamese diaspora, Sleep Is No Comfort: Essays in its singular voice, adds a new chapter to this canon in a way that has never truly been published before.

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Born Nguyen Duc Minh in the Gia Dinh district of Saigon, Kevin Minh Allen was adopted at nine months and flown to the United States in August 1974. He is the author of two poetry books, numerous articles and blog posts, poems, and historical and op-ed pieces. This is his first book of published essays.